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Emergency Response – English Language or Multilingual

As our name suggests, 24-7 Response provides specialist advice over the telephone, round the clock.  The calls are always answered directly on a land line phone by one of our Incident Advisors, all of whom are chemists and qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.  They understand supply and transport legislation and are experienced in providing advice, authoritatively and calmly, to those dealing with emergencies.  At the time of a call they would ask the caller questions to build up a picture of the situation, then use their expertise, product information (e.g. Safety Data Sheets) and other sources to advise the caller on the best actions to take to minimise the risk to people, the environment and property.

The 24-7 Response Emergency Line helps chemical manufacturers and suppliers to meet their regulatory obligations around the world. 24-7 Response has devised a unique system to deliver a cost-effective and robust multilingual capability.

For incidents involving chemicals there are three recognised stages of response -

Level 1 Response (Advice)
We give specialist advice over the telephone on how to handle all types of incidents: 

  • First Aid
  • Transport Incidents
  • Leaks/Spillages
  • Environmental Threats
  • Decontamination
  • Disposal
  • Reactivity
  • Major Chemical Incident
  • Fire etc.

In UK and Ireland we can provide a single response solution for incidents involving hazardous goods or spillages that pose a threat to the environment

Level 2 Response (Attendance)
OHES Environmental have a team of on-call Incident Managers who attend incidents and advise those at the scene on how to safely manage the resolution and remediation.

Level 3 Response (Remediation)
Clients of 24-7 Response who are insured with our parent company, OAMPS Petrochemical, have the reassurance that we can rapidly mobilise an appropriate accredited clean-up contractor to the scene. When an incident occurs, a complete Level 1, 2 and 3 response would be seamlessly managed within our organisation.


Preferential subscription rates for the Emergency Line may apply for OAMPS customers.


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