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Safety Labels
Safety Labels

Safety Labels

A chemical emergency could be an incident that requires immediate first aid advice (e.g. product splashed in the eye) or a major spillage.  In most cases, the easiest point of reference for assistance is the product label.  If the label displays a 24-7 emergency number that gives direct access to specialist advice, the incident would usually be resolved more quickly and safely than if no advice was available. 


A quick and appropriate response can help to preserve a company's reputation and may reduce the risk of media involvement in an incident.  When the emergency services are called to a chemical incident, the telephone number displayed on the label of the product involved is usually the first place that they would refer to for advice.  It is, for example, reassuring for a Hazmat Officer to have access to product-specific advice from a specialist Incident Advisor.  


The 24-7 Response Emergency Line enables companies to have a cost-effective solution for providing this level of assistance round the clock. New paragraph: 24-7 Response can also classify products and generate the relevant text for labels so that they meet the latest CLP/GHS requirements. For companies that would prefer to produce their own labels, we provide training to give them an understanding of the regulations and how to apply them.


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