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REACH Compliance help and advice
REACH Compliance help and advice

Emergency Numbers on Safety Data Sheets

REACH Annex II specifies the requirements for Safety Data Sheets and section 1.4 details the requirements for an emergency telephone number.

ECHA have also issued a number of guidance documents to help suppliers understand and implement the requirements of REACH. Download the ECHA Guidance Document for the Compilation of Safety Data Sheets here.

"The supplier must provide a reference to emergency information services. If an official advisory body as defined in the legal text above exists reference to it must be made. Otherwise (or in addition) reference to an emergency service belonging to the supplier himself or to a competent third party provider of such a service must be made. Where the supplier provides his own emergency information service, be it alone or in combination with an official advisory body or other provider, the necessary competence should be available. Any limitations on any the official advisory body, the supplier’s own, or any third party’s services (opening hours or types of information that can be provided) must be indicated." For example: Hours of operation, Types of information (e.g. for Medical Professionals only), Language(s).



REACH Compliance help and adviceREACH Compliance help and advice

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