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Supply Labels Compliance and Emergency Response
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Supply Labels Compliance and Emergency Response

There have been many recent changes to legislation that have affected suppliers of chemicals. REACH has had a significant impact on how raw materials are sourced and how finished products are classified from a health and safety perspective.

The information that is required to be provided on product Safety Data Sheets (SDS) has recently changed along with the format.  One of the requirements is for an  emergency telephone number to be displayed on the SDS. 

The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) has also had an effect on how products are labelled and new warning symbols will eventually be on the labels of all hazardous products.

Customers of 24-7 Response can display our Emergency Line telephone number on their SDS and product labels

Our Chemical Compliance consultancy service can assist with authoring and translating SDS, generating labels and help with any REACH-related matters.

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