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Emergency Response for Transporting Hazardous Goods
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Emergency Response for Transporting Hazardous Goods

A call to one of our Incident Advisors will provide those at the scene with advice on how handle all types of incident involving hazardous goods.

Wherever hazmat or chemical spill incidents occur, they are normally resolved more swiftly when health and safety information about the products concerned is readily available. 

There are three recognised stages of response to hazardous goods incidents:

  • Level 1 - Specialist advice given over the telephone

  • Level 2 - Specialist advice given at the scene

  • Level 3 - Clean-up and incident resolution

At 24-7 Response, we are uniquely positioned to provide a complete Level 1, 2 and 3 response service throughout the UK for OAMPS insured companies.

Dealing with Chemical Spill Incidents
Spillages often happen at warehouses and storage facilities when, for example,  a fork lift may pierce a container, or a pallet may topple over. The severity of the situation can often depend on the nature of the products involved and what data is available. 

There are potential risks no matter which mode of transport is used to deliver products.  For example, should an incident occur that involves a bulk tank containing hazardous goods, the sheer volume involved could have a significant impact on the environment and people near to the scene. 

With packaged goods the consequences might be different.  Whether chemicals are transported by air, sea or road there is the potential for a small leak to cause havoc. There is also a risk of products mixing, creating a chemical reaction and exacerbating the situation.


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Emergency Response for Transporting Hazardous Goods


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